The Digital Dealer June 2021 conference & expo will bring the latest trends, emerging technologies, strategies, and solutions to the forefront.

Here are just a few of the top trends and topics that you can learn about this June:

1. Streaming TV: Running Successful OTT Campaigns

Streaming TV has continued to grow this past year, with dozens of new streaming apps attracting ever-increasing numbers of viewers. But all of this growth has led to more fragmentation and complexity in the space, leaving unanswered questions about how, when, and where streaming TV ads are running.

In the fireside chat, “Streaming TV: How to Run Successful OTT Campaigns,” Amazon Advertising, along with David Regn from Stream Companies and “Big” Al Gillespie from Feldman Automotive and Mark Wahlberg Automotive, will bring clarity to running OTT video ads. The panel, which will be available through the integrated virtual platform for Digital Dealer Tampa, will arm you with the information you need to build your own OTT video strategy.

2. Enhancing the Customer Experience

KPIs, analytics, vendors, agencies, growth, content creation, and the list goes on… Marketing for franchise OEM stores is becoming more and more dynamic and requires particular attention to detail. With the market shifting almost daily, it is time that dealers and dealer groups commit to building teams that can execute marketing strategy and content creation at a high level.

Some of the industry’s top marketers will join together for their panel, “Marketing Teams: Mitigating Mistakes & Maximizing Results,” where they will discuss building and managing marketing teams to enhance the customer experience and grow the dealership. The panelists include Paul Daly of Congruent, Kyle Mountsier of Nelson Auto Group, Colton Ray of Walser Automotive Group, and Jarrod Kilway of Germain Automotive Partnership.

Attend this session and you will be able to 1) Identify why having boots on the ground in the form of a marketing team is important, 2) Balance vendor/agency relationships with the day-to-day efforts of a marketing team, 3) Know whether a siloed (skills-based) or flat (account manager) approach to marketing teams will work best for you.

3. Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing/Ad Strategy for the Latest Updates/Changes

Amber Rinn, digital marketing specialist with Jordan Ford, will dive into these updates in a virtual session, “Is Your Facebook Marketing Optimized for the iOS 14 Update?” In this session, Amber will discuss how to optimize Facebook and Instagram ads based on the latest updates and concerns. The iOS14 update asks individuals if they want to be tracked by your business – in a way that sounds negative. Attend this session if you want to learn what Facebook’s marketing employees have taught a current dealership marketing manager to stay ahead of the curve, prepare your ads to help limit the negative effects of this Apple update, and keep your Facebook ads cost per click low!

Drake Baerresen of TurnKey Marketing will also discuss the effects of the new IOS 14 updates for advertisers and what to do to stay ahead. Drake’s session, “Social Disrupters and iOS 14 Strategy,” will help you to navigate through the many social advertising avenues out currently and cover the placements necessary for success on those platforms, as well as the new players on the field like Pinterest and TikTok.

4. Digital Retailing & Improving Dealership Processes and Culture

Everyone has learned a lot over the past 18 months, and most importantly, the automotive industry learned to adapt. Leveraging our collective experiences, improving our procedures, and tightening our belts, dealerships are applying technology to deliver a damn good consumer buying experience while improving the culture and experience at the dealership.

In the session, “Taking Out Carvana & Vroom in a New Post-Pandemic Market,” you will hear from technology experts and dealers on how they have made calculated changes to their process to stay a step ahead of the ‘disruptive retailers.’ They’re doing this by using data and challenging their teams to do less with more while leveraging technology to not just rely upon digital retailing on their website to ‘sell a car,’ but to use advanced communications to follow-up and nurture customers throughout the sales process.

Presenters include Jennifer Hurley, Finance Director, Royal Automotive Group; Jason Barrie, SVP, Product Strategy, Market Development, Digital Air Strike; and Chip Diggs, Digital Marketing Director, Seelye Auto Group.

5. Creating a Vehicle Buying Center to Increase Gross Profit

Today, more than ever – buying the right inventory and at the right price is the difference between setting records or furloughing/laying off employees.

In the two-part session, “How to Create a Vehicle Buying Center to Increase Gross Profit by $1,200 Per Copy,” Danny Zaslavsky, dealer principal of Country Hill Motors, and Sean V. Bradley, CSP, president of Dealer Synergy, will share how to buy 100 cars a month from the public, resulting in an extra $1,200 per copy on the front while turning that inventory in less than 30 days. Yes, we know how that sounds.

Topic areas will include holistic strategy of used cars & inventory (paradigm); current situation analysis; psychology/strategy (content); tools/resources; human resource(s); website; follow-up process/lead management; CRM strategy; engagement process; communication strategy; training strategy; and tracking/accountability strategy.

To view the full list of sessions, please visit our Show Schedule.

Author: Alissa Frey